What We’re Reading June 29, 2015

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America’s founding principles are being corrupted.

Christians who practice and believe an orthodox view of their faith must now live as exiles in our own country.

President Obama’s half-brother, Malik Abongo Obama, has sold a letter written by the President some 20 years ago that reveals why the President decided to get involved in politics.

Socialist and Democrat Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (I-VT) continues to gain ground on Hillary Clinton in the polls and continues to draw large crowds as he travels through New Hampshire.

Mike Huckabee asked an interesting question of ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on Sunday when he wondered why, if President Obama could put up rainbow lights on the White House, couldn’t Huckabee put up a Nativity at Christmas?

Can we just stop pretending and face facts? The Supreme Court is a political branch, not a Judicial one.

Opponents of forced gay marriage wonder what, if anything, they should do to resist the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage.

At this point it seems that President George W. Bush made a mistake when he appointed John Roberts to be the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, as Roberts seems weak and easily intimidated by the Left.

The liberal members of the Supreme Court continue to assist the liberal culture in their efforts at silencing Christians and conservatives.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is more of a performer than a serious policy guy.

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