What We’re Reading June 23, 2015

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What is happening in America today? 59% of Democrats and 26% of Republicans say that a candidate being socialist wouldn’t necessarily hinder them from voting for that candidate! Is this the twilight zone? Almost 50% of Americans say they could vote for a socialist. My, how far we have fallen.

Breitbart points out (rightly) that there isn’t much difference between Bill Ayers and Dylann Roof. Other than the fact that liberals love Ayers.

Killers LOVE Gun-Free Zones. How de we know? There aren’t many gun free zones, yet almost all mass killings happen in a gun-free zone.

Some very powerful Republicans in South Carolina are now supportive of removing the Confederate flag from the capitol. Governor Nikki Haley, Senator Tim Scott, and several other Republican legislators are saying the flag’s time has come.

The Obama administration is deathly afraid of losing Greece to Russia if the Greeks continue to pull away from the EU.

Dr. Ben Carson says that when racism obviously rears its ugly head we must be willing to call it as it is. Don’t shy away from calling something racist just because liberals throw the word around willy-nilly. The Charleston attack was a reprehensible display of racism.

The government placed a gag order on a popular libertarian website because that website had dared to speak out against the prosecution of the Silk Road case. And the government’s overreach didn’t stop there… this is just a symptom of the fascist turn our government is taking.

Five myths about Jeb Bush.

The Art of the Con – by Donald Trump. This one should get some hackles up.


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