What We’re Reading June 22, 2015

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Trending: Deep Web Chat Logs Show Conspiracy to Overthrow Trump?

The Democrat Party has veered WIDE – LEFT, but still has the audacity to harangue Republicans for being “too” right.

Yes, there are still Democrats who are hoping that Joe Biden will run for President in 2016.

America needs to face facts – Hillary Clinton is the status quo, same-as-the-last candidate for President. Not only is she the “status-quo” candidate, but she’s also playing “the woman card” way too early.

Jeb Bush is not off to a very good start; Fred Barnes has some suggestions on what he should be doing next. CNN has a sick and twisted history of using dead people as a bludgeon against conservatives. For some reason, they don’t do the same against liberals.

Does anyone not living in Greece actually care if the bankrupt nation that is helping to drag down the rest of Europe’s economy leaves the EU? Greece is one of the furthest left nations in Europe, and they’ve spent the last few years using everyone else’s money – it’s time to let the socialists prove just how terrible their economic philosophy is. Stop bailing them out.

David French of the National Review argues that carrying a gun is every American’s civic duty.

The Pope doesn’t understand economics, science or technology, and that is no foundation on which to make sweeping pronouncements.

The pope’s encyclical on climate change ignores how markets and technology have lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty.

Bill Maher, the brazen hypocrite.

Um… what? Australia discovers feral boy raised by kangaroos!

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