What We’re Reading June 15, 2015

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One courageous correspondent suddenly realizes that Hillary Clinton walks and talks a lot like a robot.

Liberals are scared to death that Marco Rubio will be the candidate facing down Hillary Clinton come 2016… and they should be.

Jeb Bush just can’t seem to get his political machine moving and all of his early plans seem for naught and he’s running out of time to get his campaign going.

Scott Walker’s record in Wisconsin will no doubt be at the center of every discussion about him if he does indeed run for President.

American military leadership has been one of the loudest voices against sending U.S. forces into Iraq.

As President Obama was weighing how to halt Islamic State advances in Iraq, some of the strongest resistance to boosting U.S. involvement came from a surprising place: a war-weary military that has grown increasingly skeptical that force can prevail in a conflict fueled by political and religious grievances.

In Iraq, some Generals hope that they can soon retake the city of Mosul, but from here that plan looks like sheer fantasy.

The Dannemora Dilemma. Prison Justice Reform is desperately needed, but where do we begin?

Flash flooding in the nation of Georgia has played havoc on the people in the capital city of Tbilisi and the animals that live in the city zoo.

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