What We’re Reading June 13, 2015

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Trending: Taqiyya: The Muslim Practice of Lying to Protect Islam Is Prevalent across Sects

The Democrats are threatening to shut down the government if the Republicans don’t get what they want in the upcoming spending bill.

Bernie Goldberg wonders if Jerry Seinfeld and others who are now fighting back against the Politically Correct culture in America will admit that liberals are to blame for the terrifying fascist creep of PC.

President Obama’s move to send more American soldiers to Iraq is adding even more difficulty to Hillary Clinton’s Iraq problems.

Oh, so you heard that Congress had banned earmarks? Well don’t worry there is still a whole lot of pork rolling through Washington, D.C.

A 17-year old Virginia teen was behind the ISIS Twitter account and has now pled guilty to terror charges!



The same-sex marriage bait and switch – resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.

If Bruce Jenner gets to be a girl, why can’t Rachel Dolezal be black?

The gay hotelier who hosted a conversation with Ted Cruz was recently kicked out of a gay bar. So much for inclusivity and diversity, huh? The hotelier isn’t even a Republican or a conservative or a Ted Cruz supporter… he just hosted a talk with the Presidential candidate!

Bruce Jenner says that he is a Christian.

Um… the world’s first penis transplant has resulted in pregnancy. That is all.

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