What We’re Reading June 12, 2015

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Nearly 2/3 of Americans expect the Supreme Court to legalize same-sex marriage across the nation when it rules on the issue this summer. Americans seem to think that the ruling would mean that the Supreme Court was allowing gay marriage in all 50 states, but the proper way to view the ruling would be that the Supreme Court was FORCING gay marriage in all 50 states. Federalism must indeed be dead.

Oh, those turncoat Republicans are secretly at it again. Whispers around Washington say that the GOP isn’t looking to end Obamacare but to FIX it. Why did you vote Republican again?

I wish this was just a sick joke – but it’s not. Our allies in the war on terror have reached out to Al Qaeda in Syria in an effort to get them to help us finally defeat Bashar Assad while also holding off ISIS.

Conservative journalist Matt Lewis argues that other conservative journalists need to do more to get out of the “conservative ghetto” and into the mainstream media outlets where more people who disagree with them will get to see their work.

Dr. Ben Carson’s latest idea for dealing with improving government efficiency isn’t being met with rave reviews. He is considering (if elected President) setting up a “covert division” of government workers whose job it would be to “spy” on their coworkers.

A Democrat operative is working hard to get conservatives to support the fight against ‘ObamaTrade.’

This is very disturbing story. In Florida this past April, Child Protective Services took an 11-year-old boy away from his parents and charged them with a felony because he was playing in his yard unattended. Remember when kids used to bike all over creation, for hours at a time, and the government didn’t get involved?

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