What We’re Reading July 8, 2015

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Folks, don’t listen to the defeatists – the Supreme Court is NOT the final say on Constitutional questions.

Contrary to popular belief, Obergefell does not settle the question of gay marriage, because the Supreme Court cannot finally determine any fundamental constitutional dispute. Claims of judicial supremacy have appeared before, ranging from the odious (Dred Scott’s defense of slavery) to the courageous (Brown v. Board of Education’s condemnation of segregation). But these views mistake the Court’s right to decide cases or controversies under the Constitution for supremacy in its interpretation.

A judge in Oregon has forbidden bakers who refuse to participate in gay weddings from EVER talking about their moral beliefs.

Iran is already cheating on their “promises” in our nuclear deal, but the Obama administration chose to do nothing about it (except hush it up). Obviously not a good sign for the future. Meanwhile, the EU is also proving to be toothless when it comes to Iran.

The Greeks are living in a fantasy world where their actions have no consequences and simply wanting money is enough to get you money. It’s a fairy tale that can only end in disaster. The big loser in the Greek drama is socialism, as the world once again has proof that socialism simply CANNOT work in the real world.

A noted Native American scholar who claims Native heritage (as a Cherokee) has been outed as a FAKE!

Bernie Sanders’ continued surge in Democrat polls is creating an awkward situation for the Democrat Party as more Americans start to notice that the Democrats may actually be Socialists!

Ohio Governor John Kasich (R-OH) is providing a perfect example of “how not to win” the GOP nomination. Politico even calls him ‘this election’s John Huntsman.’ Ouch.

South Carolina’s legislature has finally given the okay to remove the Confederate flag from the Capitol.

Liberals have a lot to learn from Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

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