What We’re Reading July 25, 2015

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Hillary Clinton caught lying again! She did send classified emails through her personal email server, something she told us and Congress that she never did.

Jeff Durbin from Apologia radio has an excellent new interview up with brilliant Christian apologists Dr. James White and Dr. Michael Brown discussing the gay “marriage” ruling and how it might affect our future.

MSNBC’s Jose Diaz-Balart recently confronted Donald Trump on illegal immigration, only to himself witness illegals crossing the border into Laredo, Texas which he discussed on air.

South Korean military leader Lt. Gen. Chun In-Bum recently travelled to the USA to thank veterans of the Korean War for risking everything to save Democracy in South Korea.

Target is suing a man who heroically risked his life to save a teenage girl at one of their stores!

The latest Obamacare problems for you to worry about are the massive penalties which are about to be implemented.

President Obama’s besetting sin – his need to constantly take part in partisan bickering and demagoguery.

The Iran deal may actually be in some very real danger.

The Obama administration has to be worried about the polling data on the Iran deal. It’s not good, not good at all. According to Pew, which released a survey this week, 38 percent support it and 48 percent oppose. Given the fact that the American people usually follow the president’s lead when it comes to foreign policy, this is a pretty bleak result for President Obama.

What is the price of our innocence or of our humanity? Planned Parenthood has stolen the last vestiges of America’s “righteousness.”

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