What We’re Reading July 24, 2015

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Liberals are starting to realize that they are backing an evil loser when they support Planned Parenthood.

Erick Erickson of RedState says that if worse came to worse he would hold his nose and vote for Donald Trump… but he’s glad he won’t ever have to.

I will vote for the nominee. It will not be Donald Trump. That’s just the truth. And you should be prepared for that reality. But I would vote for him if something happened and he became the nominee. What’s so delightful here is that we have a ton of Establishment guys declaring that they’ll never, ever vote for Donald Trump. It is all deeply funny to watch — and way past time to see it.

Glenn Beck has finally had it… he has reached his breaking point and he can’t take anymore of it. What is it that has him so riled up that he has banned talk of it on his show? Donald Trump. That’s right, Beck has finally banned the mention of Donald Trump on his show!

Thousands of protestors showed up in New York City’s Times Square to demonstrate against the recently signed deal with Iran. Will the people’s representatives hear them?

Christianity isn’t dying in the Middle East – it’s being murdered.

Ugh. Our entire system of national security has been compromised after a year long cyber war against our nation.

The media is already hard at work to inflate and polish Obama’s “legacy”.

44% of Americans admit to having used marijuana at some point in their life!


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