What We’re Reading July 22, 2015

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Why China is PRAYING for a Jeb Bush vs. Hillary Clinton matchup.

We live in dangerous times and the brilliant Dennis Prager argues that we’ve seen problems like this before. Prager says that the only difference between 1938 and 2015 is the names of the nations leading us to fight.

Is Obama’s deal with Iran “a historic catastrophe”? The creation of a new nuclear Iran could upset the delicate balance in the Middle East and lead us down a terrible path of conflict with the world’s newest nuclear power. The Atlantic has a new “Confused Persons” guide to the Iran deal that might be helpful… except that its really not.

President Obama and Donald Trump are two of a kind!

The question on everyone’s mind is… why didn’t Donald Trump run as a Democrat?

The GOP has a real chance at winning the Hispanic vote in 2016, but to do so they must avoid falling into the “Trump Trap.”

Uh-oh. ISIS is turning into a “functioning” state that uses terror to advance their goals.

“It suddenly just occurred to me, if you add everything up, that these guys could win,” he said. It is a controversial notion, he explained, because the group’s graphic brutality, which it showcases to the world in gory videos released through social media, has fed a sense that its demise is inevitable because it is so evil. “Evil isn’t always defeated,” he said.

Why don’t gay marriage supporters also support monogamy?

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