What We’re Reading July 16, 2015

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Pastor Douglas Wilson at Blog & Mablog has written an excellent piece on just how depraved the USA has become, using the recent Planned Parenthood revelations as proof of his thesis.

That video perfectly captures the insolence of our secularist elites. The fact that she could discuss the sale and distribution of livers, hearts, and baby heads, and do it over wine and salad, has left everyone with a functioning conscience aghast. She looks like a nice lady, and Kermit Gosnell looked like a creepy abortion doctor, and so it just goes to show. The whole thing is vile. The face of evil looks out at America from the mirror — but we have not yet recognized it.

The New York Post makes an interesting observation about the Iran deal. President Obama and John Kerry crossed every one of their own red lines in getting the deal done. Oddly, the nuclear deal is silent when it comes to Iran’s most infamous nuclear (bomb) building facility!

Don’t look now but some very important Congressional Democrats agree with Republicans that the President’s Iran deal looks like a BIG loser.

The University of Missouri is in full freak-out mode after an old picture of some of their students with a Confederate flag surfaced. The University believes that the image may be a possible safety threat and is taking all possible precautions… just in case the flag has any crazy ideas!

A recent ABC News/Washington Post poll found that Donald Trump’s numbers were steadily climbing with just about everyone… except for Hispanics.

Media bias is easily spotted when the media is forced to write a negative story about a Democrat. How? Just like for the sinister “Republican pounces” line…

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