What We’re Reading July 1, 2015

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Red State’s Erick Erickson argues that the cultural fire is burning and the Christian has gone into hiding.


Justice Kennedy’s decision on the gay marriage ruling will unleash the legal furies against those who disagree with it.

Faux-conservative David Brooks writes in the New York Times that he wants us social conservatives to consider putting aside the culture war.

Consider putting aside, in the current climate, the culture war oriented around the sexual revolution.

Put aside a culture war that has alienated large parts of three generations from any consideration of religion or belief. Put aside an effort that has been a communications disaster, reducing a rich, complex and beautiful faith into a public obsession with sex. Put aside a culture war that, at least over the near term, you are destined to lose.

New York City’s insane socialist Mayor just signed a law to ban employers from asking job candidates about criminal history.

Oklahoma’s Supreme Court says that the state must remove a monument to the Ten Commandments that sits in the state’s Capitol because it benefits Christian and Jewish faiths.

The moral of the disturbing, socialist Greek economic story.

Has the Left gone completely insane?

Buzzfeed is having problems trying to articulate itself on same-sex marriage.

Have you seen the left’s latest scare tactics on climate change? Meet the Climate Refugees.

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