What We’re Reading February 1, 2016

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Trending: Army found Guilty of Discrimination for Barring Transgender MAN from Female Restrooms

Are you ready? Today marks the beginning of the presidential primaries as the people of Iowa decide which candidate their state will be supporting. The final poll before the Iowa caucuses has Donald Trump in the lead with [score]Ted Cruz[/score] just five points behind him and [score]Marco Rubio[/score] eight points behind Cruz.

Speaking of Mr. Trump, he was asked to donate to a group that supports homeless veterans, but instead he sent them a bumper sticker.

The difference between liberals and conservatives? One throws money at the problem, the other solves the problem.

Surprise, surprise. The mosque that President Obama has chosen as the first US-based mosque he’ll visit during his presidency apparently has close ties with the Muslim Brotherhood and other extremists.

Well, that was quick. It’s been less than five years, but Obamacare has proven to be such a complete disaster that the Obama administration has already decided to try moving back towards a more privatized model.

Oh, by the way, apparently the Obama administration has just been handing illegal immigrant kids off to slave traders.

Just because Donald Trump is “anti-PC” doesn’t mean we should “celebrate his vulgarity.”

Former Senator and presidential candidate Tom Tancredo (R-CO) is supporting Ted Cruz in 2016 because Cruz is “the real deal.”

Liberal reporters who have watched as abortions are carried out tell the harrowing stories.

Donald Trump is NOT pro-life.

There’s no excuse for Americans to still be ignorant about the dangers of Islam.

The Bill of Rights may be controversial today… but it wasn’t always so.

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