What We’re Reading December 5, 2015

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Trending: Obama Forgot He is No Longer President, Shows Up at G20 Summit

The First Amendment needs your prayers.

President Obama is now openly admitting that he plans to use executive power to confiscate our guns.

The Senate finally did it! The Senate repealed most of the Obamacare legislation on Thursday (as well as stripping federal funding for Planned Parenthood), now the House will vote on the issue and will surely follow suit. Not that it matters, President Obama has promised to veto any attempt at repealing Obamacare (he’s also promised a veto on any attempt to strip Planned Parenthood’s funding).

Obama’s hand-picked Fed chair, Janet Yellen, is doing her best to assuage fears as a less than stellar job report gets released on Friday.

Hillary Clinton recently said that all rape accusers deserve to be believed… which led a voter on the campaign trail to wonder if Clinton thought that her husband’s accusers also deserved to be believed!

There are just two months to go before the Iowa caucuses kick off the GOP presidential nomination race.

What should conservatives do about the problem of racism in America?

Why does the liberal media hate Donald Trump so viscerally?

French President (and socialist) Francois Hollande is preparing for a severe beating at the ballots this coming week. Could the right-wing surge to victory in France?

Radiation from the ruptured Japanese reactor at Fukushima is spreading just off the shore of America’s West coast.

Check out humanity’s first architectural plans!

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