What We’re Reading December 24, 2015

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Hillary Clinton is literally the definition of a TERRIBLE presidential candidate.

So rather than confirm Democrats’ faith in her invincibility, all Clinton did this weekend was to remind them that she’s still a terrible candidate. Head to head matchups shows she’s still beating Trump and Ted Cruz but losing to other Republicans like Marco Rubio. But if Democratic hopes of retaining the White House rest on Hillary’s ability to plot a wise course on terrorism or to avoid more blunders, then they are in bigger trouble than they think.

The Ten Stupidest things about the Washington Post’s decision to portray Ted Cruz’s kids as Monkeys.

Uh-oh. The media is getting really upset that Ted Cruz (R-TX) keeps saying things that he’s been saying for years and they expect the rest of us to get upset too.

Senator Rand Paul’s (R-KY) campaign for President just announced that he won’t be participating in the “undercard” debate if he doesn’t make the cut for the main debate.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are currently engaged in a very understated slugfest for the White House and their battleground is the South.

Politico runs us down a full history of political “scholongings” and explains that Donald Trump is not the first “vulgar” candidate in our sordid political past.

Dr. Ben Carson is worried about how the campaign is progressing (or perhaps regressing), which has him suggesting that there will be a shake-up coming very soon.

Surprise! The United States lets in four times as many suspected terrorists as it keeps out.

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