What We’re Reading December 1, 2015

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The shootings at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs are not the fault of pro-life activists.

The Denver Post tells everyone to STOP blaming speech and political discourse for the violent acts of insane people.

Some rhetoric has indeed been vitriolic, the fact remains that vehement political language is a reality in a society that always has had, and always will have, deep and passionate disagreements over issues of conscience. Strong rhetoric is a far cry from threats or attempted coercion, let alone violence with a gun.

Dr. Ben Carson is getting the shooting in Colorado ALL WRONG. The pro-life movement has nothing to apologize for and is in no way, “extreme”.

The AP notices that Hillary Clinton made corporate donors and Democrat donors very comfortable while she was Secretary of State. However, while it may seem that there was corruption at play, the AP argues that it can’t be proven.

As Ted Cruz’s campaign for President picks up momentum, the GOP establishment begins rallying around Marco Rubio.

Whoa. Did the Jeb Bush campaign try to “kneecap” Marco Rubio before he could even get his campaign going? It sure looks like they did…

The GOP establishment is quietly lining up behind Dr. Ben Caron in Iowa. While they may not want him to win the nomination, they are hoping that he beats Ted Cruz in Iowa.

Hispanic leaders in the GOP are NEVER going to get behind Donald Trump.

In Germany, local extremists are beginning to recruit refugees to aid them in terrorizing the West.

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