What We’re Reading August 3, 2015

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Trending: No, Hillary Did Not Win the Popular Vote…And Yes, the Electoral College Did Protect America from Corruption at the Ballot Box

A woman is going to prison for trying to drown her infant baby in an irrigation ditch – liberals still can’t explain why she’s a criminal but a woman who has an abortion is not.

Cecil and Cecile: Humanity for everything but humans.

While racism is always wrong, apparently the only exception is when it is aimed at a white person. An ex-DC official is suing the city claiming he was fired because of systemic racism and was often called racial epithets, like “cracker.”

Even after they die, some politicians are still able to take part in the corruption and cronyism that swamps Washington, D.C.

Donald Trump won’t be the nominee from the GOP – I can guarantee it… but he is striking a chord with many in the GOP. Here’s why…

Donald Trump is a busy guy. Not only is he in the midst of a Presidential campaign, he is also in the middle of a big lawsuit. Trump is suing celebrity chef Jose Andres for backing out of a multimillion dollar deal with him after Trump made controversial comments about illegal immigration.

Our representatives must demand to see the Iran Deal documents.

Rutgers University professor Deepa Kumar is well known for her idiotic comments on popular news events, but her latest may be the worst ever. She recently implied that the USA was more brutal than ISIS. In the past she’s made racist comments about white Americans as well as attacking Ayaan Hirsi Ali for being a ‘native informant’ after Ali began criticizing Islam on female genital mutilation.


Shark attacks – surfer fights it off (literally) to survive!

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