What We’re Reading August 28, 2015

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A Hillary Clinton vs. Jeb Bush election is starting to look less and less likely.

A new poll shows that the first word that people associate with Hillary Clinton is “Liar.” The second and third words aren’t much better…

Is Joe Biden the “anti-Hillary”? If he is, does this mean that the GOP should be very, very worried about a possible Biden run?

The feeling emanating from Biden’s camp is that he knows something that the rest of us don’t. Could it be that Biden is banking on even more trouble for Hillary Clinton in the very near future?

“… if Biden seems more confident than most pundits that Hillary Clinton’s nomination isn’t inevitable, it may reflect more than his natural ebullience and legendary optimism. It may be a sign that he’s banking on voters learning things that he already knows.”

Over at the National Review conservative pundit George Will just doesn’t understand why Trump supporters can’t seem to see through “the Donald’s” act. Will worries about the shambles Trump might leave behind when he eventually exits the race.

The GOP may finally be realizing that the way to deal with Donald Trump is not by direct confrontation or by trading barbs, but instead the way to deal with him is by waiting him out.

Reihan Salam argues that it’s time to rid ourselves of birthright citizenship and that we should also consider reforming our standards for President, so that naturalized citizens might also run for the highest office in the land.

Hey Conservatives – We won!

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