What We’re Reading August 26, 2015

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Trending: Obama Forgot He is No Longer President, Shows Up at G20 Summit

Now they tell us? The IRS was forced to admit that Lois Lerner had another secret and personal email account.

Donald Trump continues his ‘classless’ campaign against Megyn Kelly. Do his supporters care? Probably not.

The media keeps going after Trump’s immigration ideas but maybe they should be focusing more of their efforts on the terrible ideas coming out of Democrats?

Should Jeb Bush go after Donald Trump in an effort to revitalize his campaign?

Ooomph. The “Stop Chris Christie” Pac is shutting down because Christie has done all their work for them!

The Democrats have become the party of “OLD & WHITE.”

Hillary Clinton is more than a little bit of trouble, especially now that it seems she’s beginning to lose ground with woman voters.

Has Obama given Biden his blessing on a possible Presidential run? If so, a Hillary vs. Biden nomination fight would get very ugly, very fast.

The flaw in the Iran Deal that even a child can see.

Pastor Doug Wilson’s latest piece on engaging the culture is a must read:

The question before us is straightforward and simple. Shall this house be founded on child sacrifice or not? Shall we repent of our forty-year attempt to build a house on the foundation of child sacrifice? Or not? We cannot stay where we are. We must go forward, and embrace the way of death openly. And if refuse to do that, we must turn around and go back. Going back is called repentance, and it begins with confession.

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