What We’re Reading August 25, 2015

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Trending: No, Hillary Did Not Win the Popular Vote…And Yes, the Electoral College Did Protect America from Corruption at the Ballot Box

Sure, it seems like President Obama has done what he set out to do, namely, “fundamentally transforming America.” But the truth is that conservatives may be able to quickly undo all of the evil work Obama accomplished.

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) is having a tough time gaining any ground in the GOP race for the White House, so he may be planning a risky maneuver to get some attention.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (R-FL) is heading to the U.S.-Mexico border in an effort to undo the work that Trump has done and to reassert his own border bona fides.

Has anyone else noticed that Bernie Sanders (I-VT) seems loath to take any shots at presumptive Democrat front runner Hillary Clinton? Thus far he’s done precious little against her campaign, even as Hillary’s own surrogates continue bad mouthing the crazy socialist from Vermont.

Will the Clinton Library in Little Rock, Arkansas hold the key to defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016?

Whew. North Korea and South Korea have reached an agreement to de-escalate tension between the two countries.

The Obama administration has a new spin on the Iran Deal that you are going to want to hear…

Want to bomb Iran? Then support the nuclear deal.

That’s the provocative argument coming from Obama administration officials and other backers of the deal as they promote it before a crucial vote in Congress next month.

The Foo Fighters “rick-rolled” the hate-filled folks from Westboro Church and the Internet loves it.

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