What We’re Reading August 20, 2015

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Trending: Government Forces Churches To Perform Gay Marriage

Oh boy. President Obama’s horrible foreign policy strikes again. This time Obama’s failures are coming back to bite us in Afghanistan and Uzbekistan, where a new terrorist group has allied itself with ISIS and is gaining momentum.

President Obama still doesn’t have the votes to get the Iran Nuclear Deal through the Senate and it’s because many Democrats just don’t like it.

Why can’t the Clinton campaign team just tell the truth?

Underestimating Ted Cruz (R-TX) is a very big mistake.

If it seems that conservative pundits, bloggers and newsmakers are split on Donald Trump’s candidacy… it’s because we most definitely are. The group who seems most concerned about his rise are the “reformicons,” these are reform-minded conservatives who see Trump’s policy ideas as a step backwards for the GOP.

Trump’s rhetoric on illegal immigration has caused trouble for every GOP candidate. While his plan to end birthright citizenship might not be as popular as he thinks it is, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Trump’s plan is crazy.

By the way, Ted Cruz has been arguing for an end to birthright citizenship for years.

Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) had hoped to be leading the polls by this time, but even if he’s disappointed, that doesn’t mean he’s given up yet.

Forcing participation in gay wedding celebrations turns the oppressed into the oppressors.

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