What We’re Reading August 18, 2015

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Trending: Scientists Admit “Math Error” Led To Alarming Results In Major Global Warming Study

The tragic and complete collapse of race relations during the Barack Obama era. It’s not just race relations that have suffered under President Obama – the American dream has also fallen apart over his tenure.

Rates of business start-ups have fallen well below historical levels, and, for young people in particular, have hit the lowest levels in a quarter century. At the same time, the welfare state has expanded dramatically, to the point that nearly half of all Americans now get payments from the federal government.

Sorry, folks, it seems as though Donald Trump is for real. Fo’ Realz. Esther Goldberg at the American Spectator argues that conservatives (like me) who believe that Trump is actually a liberal are suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

Don’t expect Scott Walker to fight against special interests and corporate lobbyists if he wins the White House. If you just study his tenure in Madison, Wisconsin you’ll see that he’s as beholden to special interest groups as everyone else.

The Libertarian movement may seem to be suffering with the doldrums of the Rand Paul campaign for President, but the truth is that it would be a mistake to link the rise of libertarianism with Rand Paul.

“It’s a mistake to conflate Rand Paul’s electoral success with that of the libertarian moment,” said Nick Gillespie, the editor of Reason.com. (Disclosure: I worked for Reason from 2006 to 2008.) “Rand Paul’s high visibility is better understood as a consequence of the libertarian moment than its cause. There’s a reason why he’s been at his most electrifying and popular precisely when he is at his most libertarian: calling out the surveillance state, for instance, and leading the charge against reckless interventions in Syria and Libya.”

Don’t look now but not only do new studies show that children in conservative parts of the country are more likely to grow up with both parents than in liberal areas… but Republicans are also more likely to be married (and not divorced). Republicans also report being more satisfied with their marriages (on average) than Democrats.

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