What We’re Reading April 8, 2016

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Trending: The Jesus was a Socialist Lie

The latest polls out of California show Donald Trump clinging to a lead… but not by enough to win the nomination before the RNC in Cleveland. Cruz holds dominating leads in major portions of the state including Los Angeles County, and if that leads persists, Trump’s chances at winning the nomination before the convention will be almost nil. At Breitbart the numbers crunchers add that Cruz’s overwhelming victory in Wisconsin will make it impossible for Trump to win the nomination. Politico argues that it’s not just the math that should be worrying the Trump campaign either.

What’s about to happen in Colorado won’t be of any help to the Trump campaign.

TIME wonders if America can learn to love Ted Cruz (R-TX)?

“Bernie” Bernard Sanders is your stoner college roommate.

Hillary Clinton is still a weak candidate. Even Bernie Sanders says that Hillary Clinton is unqualified.

It sounds like Dr. Ben Carson may be starting to regret his decision to support Donald Trump for president.

According to a new report, the government will soon owe more money than the entire economy actually produces!

For hundreds of years Finnish has been the second most spoken language in the nation of Sweden, but that won’t be true for much longer as Arabic continues to advance.

Yikes. The actor, Mickey Rourke does not like Donald Trump. At all.

“Rogue One” the latest release in the Star Wars family of stories.

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