What We’re Reading April 4, 2015

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Politico has a message for liberals everywhere. With this latest deal with Iran, President Obama is making as big a mistake as President Bush did in Iraq. Iran is our new Iraq.

Everyone is wondering if it will actually be Congressional Democrats who end up killing President Obama’s deal with Iran? Whatever happens, one thing is for sure… Congress must KILL this deal.

Prominent (and brilliant) political analyst Michael Barone says that the outcry over Indiana’s RFRA is ridiculous. The law is completely in accordance with every other RFRA on the books – there is no danger to homosexuals in the law.

Do liberals really want to destroy every mom and pop restaurant and business that won’t involve themselves in gay marriage celebrations? Doesn’t that strike anyone else as being a bit much? This debate over discrimination against gay weddings and what the government must do to curb discrimination is part of the reason the government should have never gotten involved in the gay marriage debate to begin with!

Liberals say they don’t want a state recognized religion but that’s not true. They would be perfectly happy if progressive atheism became our nationally recognized state religion.

Carl Cannon wonders about Ted Cruz’s musical awakening and finds his story of conversion to country music… interesting.

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