What We’re Reading April 30, 2015

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Trending: Obama Administration Forces to Allow Transgender Bathroom Use

When we compare the Reagan Recovery to the Obama Malaise… it’s not even close. President Reagan’s leadership on economics was vastly superior.

The unrest in Baltimore is as much about a failure of liberalism as it is about police brutality.

So much for police brutality being a racism problem. The recent unrest in Baltimore, Maryland should be proof enough that having black city leaders and black police in a black community is not enough to end the problems that arise between police and citizenry.

The latest controversy surrounding Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is that he is in credit card debt! However, these same media vultures have all failed to mention that Governor Walker would likely be out of debt had he just kept his whole paycheck instead of giving back some $60K a year to the state. Over his tenure as Governor, he has given back more than $375K to Wisconsin.

Hillary Clinton is playing her fans for fools… and they seem to love her all the more for it.

The child of a gay couple writes that Canada should stand as a warning for America that same-sex marriage erodes other fundamental rights.

The public doesn’t really like drones to begin with, that distaste grows even more when hostages are put at risk by them.

The dogmatic liberal left is crippling itself.

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