What We’re Reading April 27, 2016

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Trending: Bus Driver Arranges the Vicious Beating of a White Family

Tuesday’s primary results are literally meaningless. The important races start next week. Even so, the media will still choose to pretend that Tuesday’s outcomes are actually important.

Of course. A woman who protested topless and said she doesn’t identify as a woman chose to take part in the all female production of the Vagina Monologues.

90-year old Democrat and former Senator refuses to call himself gay as he “marries” a 40-year old man.

The best example of what America would look like if we followed Senator “Bernie” [score]Bernard Sanders[/score] socialist policies isn’t a country in Europe… it’s Venezuela.

Hey Florida friends – do yourself a favor and don’t vote for David Jolly. Jolly is a hypocrite and a liberal. We don’t need him, nor do we want him, serving in the Senate.

The liberals at UC Berkeley cheered on the push for mandatory minimum wage of $15… but now that it’s passed, they’re firing a lot of people.

There is a new, hidden front in the war to protect our citizens; is America ready?

All that global warming/climate change fear mongering seems really misplaced considering the fact that increasing CO2 levels are actually making our planet… greener.

The Bible clearly outlines every person’s inalienable right to self-defense and particularly to a father’s responsibility to protect his family.

A Muslim student speaks of enjoying her time at America’s largest Christian University.

This is just cool.

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