What We’re Reading April 22, 2015

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Trending: Toronto Mayor: No More Asylum Seekers!

Why is their no liberal hunger strike for the victims of childhood sex trafficking?

Vladimir Putin’s grand plan may be to break up the Trans-Atlantic alliance between the USA and Western Europe.

It is immoral and disgusting that our local governments will not allow citizens to care for those who need it most. In an age where the welfare state is ever expanding, our governments refuse to allow us the liberty to personally care for the needy. This is the perversion and backwardness of liberal governance.

Even some liberal Christians are starting to realize that President Obama has tossed them “overboard” in our fight against radical Islam.

Wow. The Republican dominated Nebraska legislature has voted to kill the death penalty in the Cornhusker State. Seemingly more and more Republicans are turning against the death penalty these days, so we may see more Republican dominated legislatures choosing to phase out the practice.

My own opposition to the death penalty is based on my pro-life convictions, but also on research I have done which reveals a disturbing number of false confessions, planted evidence, or mistaken eyewitness testimony which has led to imposition of the death penalty.

The New York Times resident RINO, David Brooks, is pretty excited about this Marco Rubio fellow. While Brooks is generally the type of Republican who faithfully supports the establishment candidate (in this case Jeb Bush), he’s not making too big of a stretch in praising Rubio. On foreign policy Rubio is in lockstep with Bush and Brooks and the establishment.

Of all the crazy, inconsiderate and immoral things that Madonna has ever done, you won’t believe what it took to finally get liberals mad at her. She posted a picture praising Margaret Thatcher.

Harvard students get to enjoy their school’s weird interest in their sexual misadventures.

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