What We’re Reading April 14, 2015

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The very good folks at the National Review have prepared a concise and well-considered plan to defeat Hillary Clinton. I hope that Republicans are paying attention and girding themselves for some very real political battles… 2016 could get rough.

Herman Cain says that Hillary Clinton is “Lots of talk. Not much to back it up.” Or In his business parlance… the former First Lady is an “empty suit.”

Is Hillary Clinton’s plan to simply run for a 3rd Obama term?

Get ready folks, because Hillary Clinton’s campaign is going to be a massive train wreck!

The truth is that, on abortion, it’s the Democrat Party and not Republicans who are the real extremists.

The Democratic party, by contrast, is officially against any such restrictions. The abortion of unborn children because they are inexpensive or inconvenient; the abortion of unborn children because they have Down Syndrome or a club foot or a cleft palate, or because they are female; the abortion of children by the slaughterhouse methods employed by Kermit Gosnell, or the many others like him — Democrats are okay with all of it.


Russia has decided to begin supplying Iran with missiles. This is probably no big deal. (Yikes.) President Obama owes the critics of his Iran nuke deal an apology.

Former Congressman and Tea Party icon Ron Paul has openly criticized his son Rand Paul’s foreign policy stance.

The liberal leadership at the University of Michigan cancelled a planned screening of “American Sniper,” which is a movie that chronicles the military exploits of real American hero Chris Kyle. After a small local protest and a brief online firestorm… the University has reversed its decision and will show the film.

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