What We’re Reading April 13, 2015

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There is a Christian case to be made for national drug law reform, and Texas state representative David Simpson recently did his best to make it. He wrote an op-ed on drug law reform for the Texas Tribune.

So, why didn’t the NRA have Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) come speak at their national convention? Rumor has it that it’s because Senator Paul is just too dang conservative for them! Senator Paul has long been affiliated with the more conservative gun rights organization, the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR), which apparently upsets the powers that be that lead the NRA.

Senator Paul just announced a pretty nifty idea to help American college students with those costs… college tuition should be a tax writeoff!

Enough is enough, it is long past time that the American people brought an end to the tyranny of the IRS. It’s time to abolish our tax collectors.

Hillary Clinton is running a “Truman Show” campaign.

The President and his cronies have it all wrong; tougher sanctions, not less sanctions, is the way to solve our Iran problem.

China has a powerful new weapon in their war on freedom; it’s a new tool that is helping them censor the internet.

There are a few key, BIG differences between the death of Walter Scott in South Carolina and the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.


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