What We’re Reading April 12, 2016

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So without further ado, here’s what we’re reading, Tuesday, April 12, 2016.

Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) campaign continues to out-hustle Donald Trump’s campaign and vacuum up new delegates for the RNC. He swept the slate in Colorado and nearly did so in Iowa.

[score]Ted Cruz[/score] is also making news for again voicing a federalist position on the issue of marijuana legalization.

This is another reason why John Kasich (R-OH) would make a terrible GOP nominee for President. The man is basically a moderate Democrat, and we should be nominating someone who is substantively different than the Democrat candidate.

Hey “Bernie” [score]Bernard Sanders[/score], what do you think of Sweden’s socialism now? Sweden’s socialist healthcare system is on its deathbed and the nation is now shifting back towards a free-market based healthcare solution.

The US government has extradited Romanian hacker “Guccifer” in an effort to continue digging in to the possible crimes of Hillary Clinton. Hearing from the hacker may yet lead to the demise of the Clinton campaign.

A federal court just threw out a lawsuit that the ACLU had brought against a Catholic health system. The ACLU was attempting to force the Catholic healthcare providers to perform abortions against their religious conscience.

A black sports reporter with Fox News just slammed the #Black Lives Matter movement for their hypocrisy on crime and violence.

Watch as conservative comedian Evan Sayet explains what Forrest Gump has to say about liberals.

Remember that time that Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) told NBC’s David Gregory that taxation was theft? We do. It was awesome.

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