What the Media Won’t Tell You about Hamas

Israel cannot have peace with Hamas, because Hamas refuses peace with Israel… it’s that simple.

David Keyes is the spokesman for Isreali Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and he recently created a short video to tell the world what the media wouldn’t.

Keyes focused on the issue of Israel’s terrorist enemy, Hamas. Keyes argued that the media was refusing to tell people about the reality of Israel’s fight with Hamas.

The media often paints the terrorists of Hamas, as a rebel organization that was simply fighting for Palestinian independence, but the reality is that they are terrorists hell-bent on the destruction of Israel.

How can Keyes prove this? Hamas willingly admits it.  Their own charter, and the words of their leaders, speak about the organization’s refusal to live at peace with Israel. In fact, they call for the destruction of the state of Israel and the annihilation of the Jewish people.

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Israel cannot have peace with Hamas, because Hamas refuses peace with Israel… it’s that simple.

Here’s what Keyes had to say:

There’s one thing the media almost never mentions about Gaza and that is that Hamas, the terrorist organization that actually runs Gaza, seeks the total destruction of Israel.

They call not just to kill all Israelis, but to kill all Jews.

Those aren’t my words.

Those are the precise words of Hamas’ leadership.

Just the other day, Yahya Sinwar, a Hamas leader said – and i’ll cite the original Arabic:

“Sanaqtala’a al hudud, wa sanaqtala’a qulubhum,” – “We will tear down the border, and we will tear out their hearts.”

He’s talking about ordinary Israeli families – mothers, fathers, and children picnicking in parks, just like this one.

That is Hamas’ aim.

Israel has peace with Egypt because Egypt wants peace with Israel.

And Israel has peace with Jordan because Jordan wants peace with Israel.

Israel does not have peace with Hamas because Hamas does not want peace with Israel.

Hamas seeks the total destruction of this country.

It really is that simple.

And everybody who believes in peace and justice and human rights should stand up against Hamas’ terror and Hamas’ hatred.

Just a reminder – this is why Hamas is a terrorist organization.

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