What Obama Said and What Obama Meant

“The Future Must Not Belong To Those Who Slander the Prophet of Islam.”  —President Barack Hussein Obama


What Obama Said

“[W]e are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

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What Obama Meant, with Respect to Religion

“We are five days away from changing America to a nation that is no longer under the Judeo-Christian God, but a nation in which Sharia Law will begin its reign.  Capitalism and free markets will be undermined, only to be replaced by a form of Islamic National Socialism that regulates markets and the targets businesses that are not Sharia compliant.  The elevation of an Islamic culture of submission will initiate the destruction of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Sharia demands submission to Allah and to Islamic authorities, among whose number Barack Hussein Obama counts himself.


What Obama Meant, with Respect to National Defense

“We shall bring about a Mid-East realignment in foreign policy.  America is to befriend the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic Republic of Iran, a nation who daily calls America the Great Satan and threatens to annihilate America at every turn, but we shall excuse such curses.  At the same time, America will demonize Israel and, eventually, withdraw support from the Jewish State.  Iraq is to be abandoned, turning Iraq’s fortunes over to the Iranians, the very people who are responsible for the deaths of 40% of American soldiers during the Iraq War, due to their fabrication of so many of the improvised explosive devices that were used against American soldiers.  Pulling out of Iran will cause a power vacuum that will encourage extremists to run wild, perhaps even taking possession of the weapons of mass destruction that were secretly discovered and securely held by American forces during the Iraq war.


What Obama Meant, with Respect to Freedom of Religion

Obama ominous“We shall deconstruct every word and phrase in the Bill of Rights to subvert its original meaning.  We shall insist that freedom of religion is really freedom from religion.  We shall begin the process of targeting those who speak religiously in government buildings or on military bases, firing chaplains who mention the Judeo-Christian God and punishing soldiers who say, “God bless you,” while on base.  Jewish and Christian commanders will be purged from the armed forces by the hundreds, while Muslim traitors will be ransomed and diehard anti-American Jihadists freed.  We shall begin the implementation of Sharia in the military, forcing soldiers to observe Ramadan and honoring the beliefs of Muslims under the aegis of multiculturalism.  Since the anti-Semitic mainstream media will have my back, nobody will point out the government’s ongoing persecution of Jews and Christians.


What Obama Meant, with Respect to Education

“Then, under the Common Core, we shall begin the process of encouraging students to think critically by asking them to research the Holocaust and decide whether the whole story might just be a Jewish lie.  We shall institute curricula nationwide to teach Islam to children under the banner of multiculturalism, while making sure Judaism and Christianity are never discussed.


What Obama Meant, with Respect to Free Speech

“The Internet will eventually be nationalized, and the rules we write will eventually be extended to broadcast media, thus a rule will be written instituting the following principle: ‘Free speech is only guaranteed by the Bill of Rights to actual speakers, and not to the conduits of their speech.’  This will allow the government to monitor and regulate not only what people and news media say on their web sites and in their emails, but what talk radio and cable television are allowed to express, as well.


What Obama Meant, with Respect to Self-Defense Rights

“The right to self-defense will be challenged.  While Sharia allows Muslims to keep and bear arms for self-defense, infidels are not allowed to defend themselves against Muslims.  Therefore, until the right to bear arms, under the Second Amendment, becomes a guarantee for Muslims only, gun sales will be targeted by banking rules that do not allow credit card transactions to go through at businesses selling firearms.  Ammunition for the most popular guns will be targeted.  Lead emissions that occur in the making of lead bullets will be banned.  Bureaucratic regulations will be written requiring importers of weapons to report the identities of the purchasers back to the original arms manufacturers.  High taxes will be proposed to make it difficult to purchase guns.  Doctors will be empowered under Obamacare to ask patients whether they own guns; and those who say they do will be referred for psychological counseling, so their guns can be confiscated by the government on the grounds of mental illness.


What Obama Meant, with Respect to Growing the Police State

“Police will be given more and more military-style equipment, enhancing the power of the police across all fifty states.  Then, the government will use instances where a white officer has shot a black person to instigate a culture war between the Black Community and the Thin Blue Line.  The Justice Department will begin to sue police departments on the basis of civil rights concerns.  Since the smaller departments will not be able to afford to fight the Feds in court, they will have to submit to federal consent decrees and federal oversight with regard to local policing.  The nationalization of the police and the implementation of a national police state will ensue.  And the Justice Department will take the death penalty off the table in every federal cop-killing case nationwide, in order to send a clear message that cop-killing can be done without fear on the part of the cop-killer that his or her life might be at risk.


What Obama Meant, with Respect to Privacy Rights

“Americans who demand a search warrant from the police will be asked how they like their medical care.  Anyone insisting on a warrant will have all medical prescriptions and life-saving procedures cancelled.  ‘Yes, you can demand your rights,’ the police will say, ‘but we can have your medical care put on hold, indefinitely.’


What Obama Meant, with Respect to Property and Business

obama-laugh“We shall embrace Fascism, a form of Socialism where properties and businesses may be owned by individuals, but where the state determines all rules regulating its use.  The Islamo-fascism that is Sharia will begin to see the formation of Sharia Law arbitration centers being set up, poised, one day, to take over the role of traditional American law courts.  The federal government will begin to require that companies bailed out by the government follow Sharia-compliant finance practices, refraining from investing in companies that make money from interest, among other things.


What Obama Meant, with Respect to Crime and Punishment

“And the media will speak no evil, when it comes to Islam.  Muslim wife beaters and honor-killing perpetrators will be released back into the community.  Muslim rapists and pedophiles will be protected as well.  The US border will be opened to encourage criminals and terrorists from around the globe to enter America.  As a result, American workers will lose job opportunities, and crime and murder will rise in American cities.  With access to self-defense weapons and ammunition made increasingly difficult, Americans will begin to ask for a bigger police state and more security.  The security apparatus will begin to grow by leaps, and with it the surveillance state, until liberty becomes endangered.  In the end, the government, citing a greater need for security and monitoring, will begin the shut-down of the free press.


Game Over?

“Check mate.  Transformation accomplished.”

Or maybe not.

Wake up your low-information fellow Americans!  Do not leave them “safe” in their bubble worlds.  Talk about freedom.  Cause them to imagine a world where they can no longer control their Facebook accounts, no longer express themselves freely in their emails without fear of government reprisal, and can no longer live free of worry that an off-hand comment might be reported to authorities as an anti-government illegality.

Obama meant what he said.  But it has taken six years to get the majority of Americans to realize just how dangerous Obama is.  If we do not act, then American liberty could be lost.  Write to your Congressman and Senator.  The time is ripe for the impeachment and conviction, on the charges of high crimes and misdemeanors, of President Barack Hussein Obama.

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