What Is the Answer to School Illiteracy?

A Federal lawsuit sues government for forcing kids into school illiteracy.

When truancy laws and taxes train families to turn their kids over to the public education system where they are NOT taught how to read (or to calculate) the result is school illiteracy. The government has basically robbed students by manipulating them into a process that leaves them uneducated and robs years of potential from their lives.

So we have to sympathize with this lawsuit, even if it is too flawed to support.

The Atlantic reports, “Students in Detroit Are Suing the State Because They Weren’t Taught to Read.

What to do when a school is infested with vermin, when textbooks are outdated, when students can’t even read? Perhaps the answer is sue the government.

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Side note: “stingy” homeschooling parents have been raising literate and capable children for decades with second-hand textbooks. This shouldn’t have been mentioned.

That’s what seven students in Detroit have done. Their class-action suit filed against the state of Michigan asserts that education is a basic right, and that they have been denied it.

The idea that education is a basic right is highly problematic. How much education and what quality and how should it be measured would all have to be considerd basic and self-evident. They’re not.

The Constitution doesn’t acknowledge a right to education as acknowledged below:

Usually, such education-equity cases wend their way through state courts, as all 50 state constitutions mandate public-education systems, while the country’s guiding document doesn’t even include the word education. But this case, Gary B. v. Snyder, was filed in federal court, and thus seeks to invoke the Constitution. And as of this week, it’s headed to the federal appeals court in Cincinnati.

The lawyers filing the suit—from the pro bono Los Angeles firm Public Counsel—contend that the students (who attend five of Detroit’s lowest-performing schools) are receiving an education so inferior and underfunded that it’s as if they’re not attending school at all. The 100-page-plus complaint alleges that the state of Michigan (which has overseen Detroit’s public schools for nearly two decades) is depriving these children—97 percent of whom are students of color—of their constitutional rights to liberty and nondiscrimination by denying them access to basic literacy. Almost all the students at these schools perform well below grade level in reading and writing, and, the suit argues, those skills are necessary to function properly in society. It’s the first case to argue that the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to become literate (and thus to be educated) because other rights in the Constitution necessarily require the ability to read.

Getting past the “nondiscrimination” buzz words, children were obviouly being mistreated by the system. But that’s because the government can’t parent our children for us. The rights of liberty were trampled when the government started dictating that students attend school and plundering adults to pay for it. The result is a domestic Soviet Union damaging children and living off American property owners.

The case is indicative of a new chapter in American education in which advocates, frustrated with persistent achievement gaps and glaring disparities in school quality despite efforts to combat those problems, are resorting to unconventional means to bring about change. Similar to the recent wave of teachers’ strikes, the lawyers behind Gary B. v. Snyder seek to interrupt what the plaintiffs and their supporters argue is a status quo of educational unfairness not only in Detroit, but also across the country.

“Unconventional means.” A federal lawsuit is a cliche! Unconventional means would be to abolish the fake “public education system” and really end that status quo.

That last sentence in the above paragraph seeks to make common cause with teacher’s unions. That tells you all you need to know about this lawsuit.

Read the entire story.

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