What I Like about Donald Trump


So, what do I like about Donald Trump?

Here are a couple of things that made me a defender of the man back in the summer and fall…

Mr. Trump has shifted the Overton Window on the issue of political correctness. He has loudly and roundly criticized the overly-sensitive nature of modern American liberal sensibilities. And he has done so rightly. For far too long we’ve allowed Hollywood and liberal academia to tell us what we can and cannot say and what we can and cannot think, and Donald Trump has stood during this election and bellowed to the PC nanny-staters that he will not be cowed by their ridiculously inane social “rules of engagement.”

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Another point in Mr. Trump’s column has been his willingness to buck the progressive niceties that surround the illegal immigration debate. Prior to Trump, any GOP politician who even hinted at the idea that illegal immigration was both morally and legally wrong – was immediately labeled a racist. Now, if a candidate takes a stand against illegal immigration but can do it in a manner that is not as harsh as Trump, he is treated as a “moderate” on the issue. This is vitally important. We must win the cultural argument on illegal immigration if we hope to continue winning the political argument.

Lastly, Mr. Trump has actively connected with the “common man” by espousing common sense ideas on a wide variety of subjects. I don’t mean to say that he’s always right, but in his willingness to voice an opinion that, while unpopular may seem like common sense, he has reengaged a public that had become disenchanted with the political class. “Regular Joe’s” in “Middle America” who had long since stopped paying attention to Washington, D.C. are now paying attention again… and we should thank Mr. Trump for all three of these important victories of his campaign.

However… and this is a BIG however… Donald Trump has espoused wrongheaded and downright scary ideas on a variety of subjects. Please, now that you’ve heard the good, indulge me with my list of negatives.

Donald Trump2Obamacare: While Mr. Trump promises to repeal Obamacare, he wants to replace it with something even worse (if it can be imagined). Mr. Trump has put forward a plan that is strikingly similar to that of socialist candidate “Bernie” [score]Bernard Sanders[/score] (I-VT) when it comes to “single-payer” healthcare.

Trump espoused a form of national healthcare coverage that would include the 33 million Americans who still are not covered by Obamacare. Without providing any specifics during his televised appearance, Trump vowed to “work something out” that sounded suspiciously like a distant cousin to Sanders’ single-payer concept.

Taxes: Part of Donald Trump’s plan to fix our economy is to raise taxes on the wealthy, which is something that has been a feature of Trump’s fiscal policies for almost two decades.

If you look at actually raise, some very wealthy are going to be raised. Some people that are getting unfair deductions are going to be raised. But overall it’s going to be a tremendous incentive to grow the economy and we’re going to take in the same or more money. And I think we’re going to have something that’s going to be spectacular.

This shouldn’t surprise us because back in 1999 Donald Trump proposed the biggest one-time tax hike… EVER.

Well, basically, this would be a one-time tax, 14.25 percent against people with a net worth of over 10 million,” Trump said. “It would pay off in its entirety the national debt of $5.7 trillion, and you’d save $200 billion a year. So taxes for the middle class would go way down, the estate and inheritance tax totally wiped out, and the Social Security system would be saved.”

The proposal is untenable and wouldn’t be nearly as helpful as Trump thought it would, but it exposes a much larger problem – Trump’s liberal mentality to problem solving. A conservative doesn’t advocate tax increases to fix our financial problems; we espouse tax decreases coupled with spending reductions and regulation cuts.

Angry Donald TrumpTrade: Candidate Trump has positioned himself as a muscular protectionist when it comes to trade and American economic interests abroad. That plays well with most Americans, but it speaks to another problem at the core of candidate Trump. Conservatives are NOT trade protectionists. At heart we are supporters of the free market, because in a free market, everyone who participates wins. The reason trade deficits are a problem is because they develop as a result of government interference and liberal economic policies (like protectionist tendencies). However, at the end of the day, raising taxes on imports only hurts the poor and middle class and does nothing to help our own producers, who will now face retaliatory attacks from the countries that we offend (like China). Read here to see why Trump’s trade protectionism is bad for America.

Planned Parenthood, Abortion and Gay Marriage: Perhaps this section would better be titled “social issues.” Any social conservative who chooses to vote for Donald Trump has decided that their social values are meaningless in 2016, because Mr. Trump has completely ignored the subject while campaigning. In fact, the only times that he has spilled any ink or opinions on the subject have come because he was pressed to do so by interviewers or his opponents. When he does speak – nothing good on social issues comes out. On gay marriage Mr. Trump has said that he will continue to move “gay rights issues” forward. On abortion he has said only that he is “pro-life,” but he has also told conservatives that the Courts have spoken on both issues and it is time to “move on.” Even more concerning, Trump has come out in support of continuing to fund Planned Parenthood, an organization that he praises for everything other than abortion, and he has said that his sister would make a wonderful Supreme Court justice… even though she believes that partial birth abortion should be a constitutionally protected practice.

9/11 and Blaming Bush: Perhaps the most stunning departure from Republican orthodoxy in the Trump repertoire reared its head during the GOP presidential debate in Greenville, SC. During the course of the debate Trump called former President George W. Bush a liar before blaming him for the 9/11 attacks and the rise of Islamic terrorism. (By the way, this isn’t a new thing with Trump. He’s been blaming Bush for a while now.)

There are reasons to like Donald Trump, and if he were running for Governor of New York, or for the Senate, I would be vocally supporting his candidacy. However, he’s not running to represent the people of New York; he’s running for President. I cannot support someone who isn’t a conservative for the office. There is just too much at stake. These reasons to question his candidacy are just scratching the surface. We haven’t mentioned his various foreign policy faux pas (Nuclear Triad anyone?) or his flip-flopping answers on military interventionism. And we didn’t discuss his various moral and personal failings that would have (and have) sunk other candidates in less important races. Like Donald Trump as a political caricature if you must – be please don’t stake the future of our nation on your blind hope that he might end up being a conservative… because much of what he says is just not conservative at all.

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