What Happened To This Republican Talk Radio Talker

Whether it’s skepticism or just plain curiosity, what was voiced last week ad nauseam just doesn’t blend with our limited pro Trump outlets.

By Jim Bowman

Whether it’s skepticism or just plain curiosity, what was voiced last week ad nauseam and then again this week just doesn’t blend with our limited pro Trump outlets. In fact, it very well could be viewed in the opposite light since it was presented by none other than Rush Limbaugh.

When recalling last week, generally Rush not only spoke about what awaits Trump and the Republicans if Kavanaugh isn’t confirmed but he went on and on about how the midterms could be a democrat win based upon Kavanaugh’s defeat. Not only then but he again repetitiously repeated his prediction this week.

As is his usual demeanor, Rush boasted about how the MSM delighted in airing his view. Now, with all that is taking place around this Kavanaugh kangaroo court, one would think that this perverse insight would be the last utterance from such a highly respected conservative. So, what gives?

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Long ago, there was a Philadelphia talker of immense local renown. His name was Irv Homer and many a caller would question why he never became syndicated. “Irv” would always inform that he wanted the freedom to talk about whatever and that when one becomes syndicated, that freedom no longer exists.

Immediately I remembered those long ago words and sadly, it seemed to “connect the dots” as to why this out of sorts statement was offered in the first place. So much so that it presented the only reasoning that made sense.

Think about all that has been revealed from this extended Kavanaugh microscope, especially since last Thursday’s hearing. Whenever Rush first made this unfortunate comment, it is noteworthy to now question why he had to reiterate its sour message this week. Could it be that the democrat policies needed more juice? And why would a judicial determination become so affecting to the political outcome of midterm elections? Not that Kavanaugh repercussions will not reverberate into November but why would this be offered through such a pro democrat slant, and especially from “the voice on/of the Right?”

Like it or not, we are smack dab into this age of information. All varieties are being employed without general recognition or understanding its residuals. Especially so when applying the subliminal brand. But what Rush offered was attention getting and direct, nothing subliminal about it.

A personality with his longevity and stature, Rush has experienced other instances of MSM quoting his most recent remarks so when he put this out, he anticipated that this would be irresistible, given the Left’s desperation.

It would be preferable to defend Rush and ponder his innocence but just how can this be honestly addressed? What was his motive, what could be his reasoning for offering such a far off dooms day result? The ploy of reverse psychology comes to mind but it really is not applicable to the message.

Now added to this Rush shocker, he answered a recent caller about why Fox News didn’t cover President Trump’s rally in Tennessee, with something about, and I’m paraphrasing, oh, don’t worry, all these rallies pertain to local races and local interest so it’s not of great importance nationally.

Once again, given the heated climate and the constant negativity which our President faces daily, I would think that any positive coverage would be a plus nationally. Not only would I think it, I know it! So, in addition to Rush repeating his now infamous gaffe on two separate instances, the only supposedly pro Trump news outlet prefers its usual political back and forth programming rather than televising a very supportive Trump gathering.

What is now hard to believe is this new approach to downplay, even to ignore, the importance of a televised Trump rally while the “big voice” of conservatism provides a critical boost to desperate democrats. The symmetry of it all is hard to ignore.

The demands of today have radicalized the overall platform of the democrat party. In addition, their day to day political tactics and strategies have shifted onto the dark and more radical side, with nothing being held in reserve. So, is it that big of a leap to witness these reversals of basic standards from our few existing conservative outlets? When remembering that long ago caution concerning syndication, all reserves are indeed being drained as that syndicated gorilla awakens!

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