What Do Koreans and Venezuelans Have to Do with the Muslim Ban?

The media’s so-called “Muslim ban” just got even more indefensible as a name.

The Muslim ban just got even less Muslim. It never named Islam, but that didn’t prevent the media from portraying it as such.


But now the description is even more inaccurate. North Korea is included in the travel ban. Iraq is off the ban list but gets extra security scrutiny, along with Venezuela.

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The Federalist reports, “Trump’s Revised Travel Ban Is More Careful And Defensible.”

On Sunday, the Trump administration announced a revised and permanent set of travel restrictions for a list of countries as a 90-day travel restriction order, first implemented in March, was set to expire. The new order shuts down migration from seven countries: Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Chad, and North Korea. The last two countries replace Sudan and Iraq, which were part of the original travel ban.

In addition to the seven primary countries facing travel restrictions, the proclamation restricts travel from Venezuela and Iraq and increases scrutiny for travelers from those countries. In the case of Venezuela, this mainly targets officials working in the government of strongman Nicolas Maduro, and their family members.

The Trump administration had a tough time following the announcement of its first and second drafts of a travel ban earlier this year. The first version was rolled out sloppily, causing chaos at airports around the country and prompting massive protests from the Left, which accused the administration of implementing a “Muslim ban” because the seven original countries were all Muslim-majority (and because of Trump’s comments on the campaign trail). The original two bans were taken to court and the second is still pending review from the Supreme Court next month, although it expired on Sunday.

Read the entire Federalist story.

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