What Do Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump Mean for America?


On Sunday conservative pundit Ben Domenech had some very interesting things to say about what the success of the “Bernie” [score]Bernard Sanders[/score] (I-VT) and Donald Trump campaigns really means for America.

Domenech argued that the two candidates are not the real problem, or “the disease,” as Domenech put it, instead they are actually “the beta tests for a cure.” Domenech argued that the rise of Trump and Sanders was the nation’s attempt at healing the devastation caused by years of ugly partisan politics that was centered more on power than on political solutions.

Ben Domenech: In reality, what we are witnessing is a new political realignment.

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John Dickerson: But, Ben, isn’t that — I mean we’re getting to the high fantasy theories now, right.

Ben Domenech: Exactly. Exactly. What — what we’re witnessing really is a political realignment, John. I mean I think we’re moving from a traditional understanding of left-right politics that we’ve had for a long time…

To something that looks very different. The thing to understand here is that Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, they’re — they’re not the disease and they’re not the symptom of the disease. They are the beta test of a cure, from the perspective of the people. And for those of us… in sort of the established order of the political fray over the course of the past several years, it looks like chaos. But to the people I think it looks like democracy. And I think that that’s something that really is moving us to a new reality, where the parties are going to have to retrofit themselves and adapt to this new realignment.

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