What Did the Spy Claim to Find on Carter Page?

It is obvious that Carter Page has no idea what he could have said to Halper that would have helped him as an informant for the FBI.

Carter Page remembers saying nothing that could have been used by Stefen Halper or anyone else to incriminate him.

It is obvious that Carter Page has no idea what he could have said to Halper that would have helped him as an informant for the FBI.

Chuck Ross at the Daily Caller points out that there is a reason to question Halper’s credibility. Several people have found Halper’s accusations about Russian influence to be false and implausible.

Furthermore, Page doesn’t remember saying anything to Halper that would have helped him in a quest to find Russian collusion. Yet the FISA warrant against Page was renewed three times. The dossier was premised on the Steele Dossier (a scandal in itself), but the renewals would have required new evidence. The renewals ended at the time that Halper stopped contacting Page.

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So did Halper provide information that was the basis of the renewals in the FISA warrant? If so, what could that information have been?

Ross writes (boldface added):

Though Page says he never had conversations with Halper in which he said anything that would support allegations in the dossier, what Halper may have relayed to the FBI is another matter. And Halper’s track record as an intelligence gather has already been called into question.

As TheDCNF reported, Halper has been accused in the past of making “absurd” and “false” claims about Russian infiltration at Cambridge, where he oversees the Cambridge Security Initiative, a group that brings together academics, businesses and former intelligence officials.

As The New York Times reported on May 18, Halper was who expressed concerns back in February 2014 about then-Defense Intelligence Agency Director Michael Flynn’s interactions at a Cambridge event with a Russian academic named Svetlana Lokhova.

Those concerns, which were that Flynn’s interactions with Lokhova suggested that he could be compromised by Russian intelligence, were also shared with American authorities. The entire saga was first reported on May 17, 2017 by The Wall Street Journal.

But Lokhova, a historian of Russian intelligence agencies, says that Halper was behind the “false allegations.” She has vigorously denied having anything close to an improper relationship with Flynn.

In December 2016, Halper also resigned from the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar after claiming he was worried about Russian infiltration of that program. But Christopher Andrew, the convener of the seminar and the chief of historian of Britain’s MI5 intelligence service, called Halper’s concerns “absurd.”

Asked whether Halper could have provided false information to the FBI about him, Page was open to the possibility.

He may very well have,” he told TheDCNF.

The reality is there are a lot of lies in there. So whether it was him or whoever, they came to the wrong conclusion.”

There is virtually no visibility into what information Halper collected on Page or any of the other Trump advisers. It’s also unknown what he passed to the FBI. But there is one piece of correspondence that suggests that Halper was sympathetic and supportive of Page and that he presented himself as critical of the collusion allegations.

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