Wendy Davis Attacks Republican Opponent: “Refuses to say if he would defend an Interracial Marriage Ban!” Forgets her Opponent is in an “Interracial Marriage.”

It is obviously theater of the absurd in Texas.

The Democrat Party chose rabid and extreme abortionist Wendy Davis to be their candidate for Governor, and now they are forced to watch her implode in stunning fashion.

Last week she was telling Texas that her opponent, Greg Abbott, (R-TX) (who is disabled) doesn’t care about the disabled.

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Most people who were paying attention to the race thought that this was probably the lowest it could possibly go.

NOT SO FAST, my friends…

Oh, that Wendy Davis… she can go lower.

She has now released a new flurry of ads accusing Abbott of refusing “to say if he would defend an interracial marriage ban.”

  There are two major reasons why this claim is patently ridiculous. First, it’s patently unconstitutional and completely preposterous. Seriously? Interracial marriage ban? What is this – the 1860s? Secondly, and probably most importantly… Greg Abbott is half of an interracial marriage! He and his wife have been married for 32 years and are of different ethnicities!


Come on, Wendy. This is all getting a bit ridiculous. Maybe you could just stop running advertisements and let the election play out. Please, for the rest of America… just stop.

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