Welcome to Hell! European Leftists Preparing to Protest Freedom

In the paradise of European socialism there are still unhappy European Leftists who are protesting what’s left of capitalism.

If you think that European Leftists are happy in their welfare states, their planned protest of the G20 meeting in Hamburg should tell you otherwise. Tens of thousands of protesters are expected to be there and are calling their protest “Welcome to Hell.” This would indicate that America could move far to the Left and radicals would still protest and claim that they remain oppressed.

AFP reports, “G20 host Hamburg braces for ‘Welcome to Hell’ protest.

Up to 100,000 demonstrators are expected before and during the two-day Group of 20 meeting that starts Friday and will bring US President Donald Trump, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, China’s Xi Jinping and other leaders to the city.

Germany’s second city, hosting its largest-ever international meeting, has deployed some 20,000 police around the event sites, equipped with riot gear, armoured vehicles, helicopters and surveillance drones.

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A holding centre for detainees has been set up with space for 400 people and detention judges are on hand.

Some 30 demonstrations have been announced before and during the meeting, organised by anti-globalisation activists and environmentalists, trade unions, students and church groups.

Late Thursday, police detained six people for throwing bottles at officers as about 11,000 protesters marched through Hamburg to techno music under the banner “I’d rather dance than G20”.

Police were also investigating a fire at a local Porsche dealership in which eight luxury vehicles went up in flames.

Most protests are expected to be peaceful but several will be spearheaded by radical leftwing and anarchist militants known as “black bloc” activists who have often clashed with police, hurling rocks, bottles or fireworks.

Read the whole AFP story.

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