“We Who Reason Demand Freedom!”

The popular libertarianish YouTube talk show host Stefan Molyneux and his show Freedomain Radio recently celebrated a milestone and passed their 100 millionth view on Youtube and their 200th million combined view. To mark the momentous occasion, Molyneux chose to deliver an impassioned plea, calling like-minded lovers of liberty to the fight.

Molyneux spoke both optimistically and pessimistically about the dangers we currently face and he used this important moment to explain why he felt that times have never been more dangerous.

Here’s a partial transcript of his comments:

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When I started ten years ago, I thought we had more time. I used to talk about multi-generational change, but the sand in that hourglass has run out. 

— There has been a massive escalation of government debt and power.

— Endless migrations of countless people.

— The crashing and washing of often-hostile tribes of humanity back and forth across borders historically considered to be the last defense against a dangerous world.

— The rise of shockingly necessary nationalism.

— The hysteria and the cry-bully tactics of the hard left combined with the leapfrogging of the New Right over the endless bipartisan betrayals of the Old Right.

— Demographic decay in Europe.

— The staggeringly self-destructive failures of Western leadership.

— Captive and silenced populations.

All these and more bring the need for philosophy, for data, facts, reason, arguments and evidence to its highest point in human history. Because at the end of a series of escalating falsehoods, lies either the end of all we cherish and hold dear, or a new future free from manipulative fantasies.

The ascendancy and prejudice of totalitarianism and bullying, hypersensitivity, the fascism of mere feelings must be challenged and opposed and ended. The whim-worshipping religion of superstitious emotions — always the enemy of rational and empirical philosophy must be brought to heel behind the twin giants of reason and evidence. 

Okay, emotions have their necessary place in our personal lives but they can not be allowed to dominate public discourse about facts, policies, cultural compatibilities, and the role of state power.

We must tear aside the acidic fogs of satisfy the moment sentimentality and reorient ourselves like lost ghosts finding a sudden compass with simple facts, objective principles, and basic reality.

The fantasy that our societal resources are infinite and we can pretend to bribe and bully our way out of every conceivable social difficulty must be confronted and cast down.

All human desires are infinite, but all human resources are very, very finite. And we have no right to waste the accumulated capital of prior generations in mad windmill-tilting quests of endless social engineering.

What we need, what we demand, and what we shall achieve together is to be free. Free of coersion, free of control, free of manipulation, free of the self-serving lies of those in charge.

(Not free of consequences, merely of coersion.)

We who reason demand freedom, which our forefathers created, our fathers in general squandered, and which we wish to secure agains today. Once and for all. 

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