We Need Background Checks for Members of the Liberal Media!

Obama and the anti-Second Amendment crowd want more restrictions for gun buyers. The media have especially gotten behind the demand for more limits on the Second Amendment. For every new limitation that those in the media accept and promote, there needs to be an equal number of limitations on the “freedom of the press” clause in the First Amendment.

Maybe it’s time for background checks on journalists. They should have to take courses on how to use their freedom responsibly. That would mean reporting truthfully. No use of the press to “murder” someone of a different point of view. No Lies. No political bias.

That’ll be the day.

The argument has been that times have changed from the 18th century when the Second Amendment was added to the Constitution via the Bill of Rights. Anti-gun advocate Pier’s Morgan is the poster child for such thinking:

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The founders weren’t stupid. They knew there had been technological advances in firearms, and there would be advances in the future. That’s why they did not write “the right of the people to keep and bear muskets.”


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