We Must Drain the Putrid Swamp!

The Swamp and Other Wrongs


As Memorial Day is fast approaching, and given that our President is knocking the media dead on his Middle East trip, today’s creatures which are fearing Trump’s draining have squirmed and slithered for too, too long!


For those dwindling number of Americans who experienced the Vietnam years, that entire period of faithful service and sacrifice is an American governmental disgrace and one in which today’s swamp inhabitants first began squiring.

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It began with a covert plot to assassinate South Vietnam’s President, which was followed by the hallucinatory Gulf of Tonkin attacks.  The war’s reporting reached its lowest ebb with the media’s perverse revision of America’s massive Tet Offensive victory.


All these crappy details were capped off with Kissinger’s Peace With Honor.  And the final insult was our abandonment of our faithful service men who remained in captivity, of which to this day, some may still amazingly remain.


So let us realize that this swamp is only their natural resting place and that their treachery is well received in our halls of governing while being highly applauded throughout our land by our less than credible “journalists.”


In closing, for the most part, it will be the veterans of all wars, along with all those who are currently serving, who will rightly tear up on Memorial Day.  However, two that will be avoiding such emotions will be the deadliest snakes in the swamp;  McCain and Kerry, since their final “call to duty” was to be the undertakers who buried the 1992 Senate POW/MIA investigations.


God Bless America, God Bless President trump and may God Bless his draining of this putrid swamp!


Jim Bowman

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