We Don’t Have a Gun Problem in America, We Have a Heart Problem

Dear Americans,

Any time there is a shooting, there is probably cause for people to be upset. It is heartbreaking and senseless for innocent lives to be taken. I will be the first person to admit that we need a solution. Creating stricter gun laws, and trying to take guns away, is not that solution.

We do not have a gun problem in our beloved country. We do, however, have a heart problem. Allow me to explain myself.

Guns do not kill people anymore than fork make people fat. See where I am going with this? A gun is an inanimate object that is used. It does not have a brain and cannot move on its own. Guns do not kill people, people do.

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Why is it that we blame the driver when there is a DUI, and we blame the bomber when there is a bomb, but we  blame the gun when there is a shooter? It does not make sense.

The left is pushing for more gun control. However, taking guns away from law abiding citizens does not create a solution. Newsflash, criminals DO NOT OBEY the law! They are called criminals for a reason! They will still find a way to obtain these weapons. Taking guns away only ensures that good people do not have them to protect themselves.

I will fight for my second amendment rights, and you should too!


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