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Ever wonder about just what is “free trade?”  I mean, it’s a spiffy logo and what’s wrong with “free,” other than experience teaching us that nothing is “free!”  So why did the most powerful country in the world hook up with Socialist gravitating Canada and with such a dirt road country as Mexico in order to reap “free trade?”


During my lifetime, things have gotten so complicated.  Take for instance America’s famous blending from being a “melting pot, as in “e pluribus unum,” our unifying motto “out of many, one.”  Ever question how we seemingly overnight adopted this “diversity” craze?


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I mean we always had the Irish-American and Italian-American clubs and really, who isn’t Irish on St. Patty’s Day?  But this one size fits all “diversity” claptrap is antithetical to our original calling.  Yet we all jumped on board, without questioning or rightfully rejecting.


This example illustrates how this shadowy influence continues to chart our current American journey, all devoid of Washington or Jefferson’s wisdom.


So now, what about America’s trade being “free?”  Approaching it from this perspective really undresses its absurdity.  “Free” what?  More importantly, since when and for what reason did the most successful, the most powerful economic world player realize a need for revising what made America so strong economically?  Answer that and I’ll shut up!


Although well over twenty years after-the-fact, this come-on has sadly produced a performance record which is anything but pro-American.  When American standards for common sense safety can become rewritten so that the Mexican brand of its “rattletrap” vehicles are permitted to travel our nation’s highways, and this is just one instance of America’s lowering of requirements to meet NAFTA standards, the “free” connotation from this “trade” becomes awfully expensive from the standpoint of lives!


Now multiple this adjusting throughout the numerous complications within this multinational trade agreement. An overview shows that within this “level playing field.”  Mexico, being the poorest player, gains immeasurably while America lowers her standards to meet in the middle with Canada.  This isn’t even debatable, it’s the lay of the land, the economic realities.

So again, why this call for a trade pact when America was doing fine on its own?  And why was the final agreement such a certainty?


Enter President Trump.  His campaign rhetoric correctly assessed NAFTA as being “one of the worst deals our Country has ever made.”  Aside from what the media details about his political inexperience, his business acumen is to be respected.


Supposedly, two separate phone conversations with the leaders of both Mexico and Canada, persuaded President Trump’s to “renegotiate” NAFTA instead of axing it?  Call me a skeptic but I sense a smell from this rethink.  What has changed “one of the worse deals…ever made?”   Simply put, the questionable selection of the unelected trade representative Robert Lighthizer, who just happens to be a member of the pro-globalizing Council on Foreign Relations.   Hence, the odor!


Rather than nixing what has caused the exportation of almost a million jobs which in turn lowered our living standards while it also decimated America’s manufacturing base, it now has managed a judicial over reach in that its courts override both US law and court rulings.  Now, when NAFTA enters the judicial realm, the come on of “free trade” is merely a vehicle for its more sinister ambitions.


I remember our president being cordial with the French President over the Paris Climate Accords.  In the end, Trump remained true to the American worker.  I anticipate the same happening with this “renegotiated” pause.  In the end, our President will act in accordance with the best interest of our American workers.  So, Washington and Jefferson may continue resting  peacefully.

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