Watters on Peter Rabbit Controversy: ‘This Country is Toast’

In case you missed it, there has been an outcry about the children’s movie “Peter Rabbit” for a scene about food allergies. In the scene, a character that is allergic to blackberries is “attacked” with them.

As you know, if there is any wiggle room for the left to be offended about something, they will be.

Sony Pictures Entertainment has already issued an apology for the “offense.” A rep for the company said, “Food allergies are a serious issue. Our film should not have made light of Peter Rabbit’s archnemesis, Mr. McGregor, being allergic to blackberries, even in a cartoonish, slapstick way.”

“We sincerely regret not being more aware and sensitive to this issue, and we truly apologize,” they added.

Political commentator Jesse Watters spoke on the topic and said that the fact that there is even any controversy over this scene shows that “this country is toast.”

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I can’t help but agree! Man up, people!

Fox News Insider:

As Juan Williams described on “The Five,” the new film “Peter Rabbit,” based on the Beatrix Potter classic of the same title, shows Peter throw a blackberry in the mouth of farmer “Mr. McGregor.”

McGregor is said to be highly allergic to blackberries, and the scene purports to show him frantically trying access his epinephrine injector pen to stave off any possible anaphylactic shock.

Watters said that America has gone from approving of children rising before dawn to milk cattle, prior to child labor regulations, to parents concerned their children may be affected by a prank in a movie.

“It started with the War on Christmas [then] Cowboys & Indians,” Watters said, “Food allergy bullying is actually a phrase. This country is toast.”

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