WATCH Worst Dad of the Year: Trump-Hater Pays Teen Daughter $100 to Physically Assault Trump Supporter in Store

This is how liberals parent: Like good Trump-hating, fascists they teach their children to physically assault anyone with whom they have a political disagreement — and it was all caught on video.

The recently posted video shows a hairless left-winger betting his daughter $100 that she won’t approach a Trump supporter in a shopping mall and knock his “Make America Great Again” hat off his head.

This is, of course, assault. It is illegal to attack someone even just to knock a hat off his head.

But, liberals don’t care about genteel society. They are all hardcore fascists who want no less than to seriously harm anyone with whom they disagree.

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Here are is a still shot of this braying jackass laughing with his daughter about assaulting a Trump supporter:

And here is the video… and I note that this guy wasn’t just “caught” on video accidentally. He made the video himself showing that he was proud of his actions and thrilled to be teaching his slowwitted daughter how to assault people.

This is just one more incident of the left purposefully and gleefully working to tear down our society.

You’ll recall recently that conservative activists Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens — the latter a black woman — were physically assaulted for the crime of having breakfast in public when another unhinged, criminal liberal attacked them by throwing a drink at them.

Then there was the teen who was innocently sitting in a Texas Whataburger restaurant when another criminal Democrat attacked the boy because he was wearing a MAGA hat.

You’ll recall that the creep stole the teenager’s hat, then poured a drink on him as he cursed the boy out. The man was later arrested and charged with assault, and rightfully so.

There have been dozens of other incidents where liberals have physically assaulted Trump supporters, but no reports of incidents where Trump supporters attacked a liberal.

Recently, Daily Caller put together a list of some two dozen of these incidents.

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