Watch Trump Troll Democrats Into Attacking George Washington

President Trump love to play these clowns for the fools that they are. He has got to be the funniest and sneakiest President of all time… They hate him so much that they fall for it every single time.

What really ticks me off was some reporters were calling him “Mr.” Trump and not President Trump. He should correct them each and every time! They were so disrespectful and rude!

Meanwhile, liberals have become totally unhinged over the Kavanaugh nomination. They have really overplayed their hand.


President Trump held a solo press conference on Wednesday evening and absolutely brought the house down.

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Trump was on his A-game as usual and at one point he trolled the left into attacking George Washington.

A reporter asked President Trump about the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh and he replied by saying, “George Washington would be voted against 100% by Schumer and the con artists…so it really doesn’t matter from their standpoint.”

President Trump also called the smear campaign against Kavanaugh a ‘con job,’ a phrase he has used all week to describe what the Democrats are doing to Kavanaugh.

The President even said what the Democrats are doing is ‘evil.’


As predicted, the left immediately came out and attacked George Washington–proving Trump right.

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