Watch as a Syrian Woman Risks Everything to Record Life under ISIS

A Syrian woman risked her life to record what it is like to live under ISIS rule. She surreptitiously made the video as she walked around the city of Raqqa in Syria. What she captured will be shocking to western eyes, but it is a picture of what life is like under Sharia law.

The woman gave the video to a French television station in an effort to get information out to the rest of the world.

The report, aired on a French TV channel, describes how there is no music, no entertainment and forced prayer times.

It also features some of the estimated 150 women who have chosen to leave France to live in the Islamic State.

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The camerawoman enters an internet cafe where women are seen talking in French and contacting family members they have left behind.

One woman tells her mother: ‘I am not going back, mom. I am telling it to you bluntly. You have to get it through your head that I am not returning.


This is just a small example of what life is like in the Islamic caliphate. Understand that throughout the Islamic world the vast majority of Muslim people would choose this type of life and all that it brings. That includes the persecution of infidels (us), the gruesome treatment of apostates, the subjugation of women and the end of individuality.

This is what we are fighting against…

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