Watch: Students HATE Obama’s Comments When They Think Trump Said It

Many people like to flock together and be on the “cool” and “popular” side of whatever topic is at hand. Around college students, liberalism is enticing because that is what is glorified in the classroom. Rather than using their brain to think for themselves, that is simply what they think.

They follow in the footsteps of the indoctrination. It’s sad really.

With that being said, college students did not give Trump’s State of the Union address a fair chance. In fact, I don’t think many of them even listened to it. They simply jumped on Twitter or turned on CNN and started mindlessly repeated what they heard others say.

After the address, Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips got out in New York City to question students on what they thought of Trump’s SOTU address. Only, there was a twist: the quotes he was reading them from Trump’s address were actually remarks made by former President Barack Obama.

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Hilariously enough, they HATED the remarks made Obama when they thought Trump said then.

One student said, “He doesn’t think before speaking.”

Another on added, “The way he approaches things is very aggressive.”

“He should mind his own business and focus on America,” one demanded.

Watch for yourself:


Phillips said that after his experiment, it is clear that many students are actually just “committed” to being against anything to do with Trump.

“They were quite shocked [when told the quotes were from Obama],” he said, and added that one even threatened to beat him up afterwards.

“Students should be able to have a discussion about what the issues are and not feel pressured one way or the other,” Phillips added.

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